Our Story

Kismet.  That's what happened when Kirsten and Cecile realized that the sum of their parts created something greater, more meaningful, relevant and vibrant.  Something infinitely shareable.  And something strikingly powerful to convey to women who were thirsty for clarity and mindfulness in their everyday lives.


                                      Dr. Kirsten Harrison-Jack

                                     Dr. Kirsten Harrison-Jack

Dr. Kirsten Harrison-Jack has spent her professional career as a Psychologist studying and treating trauma disorders and their sequelae. She has had the opportunity to conduct research on PTSD at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, as well as study at Georgetown University, Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Barry University and Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Kirsten's continuing education has included summers at Harvard Medical School and training in Europe, among many other conferences and workshops throughout her professional career. None has been as instrumental or informative in shaping her philosophy as her direct work with trauma survivors of ritual abuse and complex DID and PTSD. The creativity, passion and will to survive the unthinkable that her clients, many whom have become lifelong friends, have endured and struggled through on their healing journeys, have given her life’s work meaning and purpose beyond any professional training program.

It is in honor of these courageous souls that Kirsten proudly and steadfastly continues to offer her knowledge, experience and clinical skills, in the hope that the greater good can be best served.




                                            Cecile Ward

                                           Cecile Ward

Cecile Ward is a professional sales, marketing, and business specialist with more than 20 years of experience as an Executive Board Director.  She served as Director and Co Founding Member of Healthcare Connections Ltd from its founding until its 2012 multi million dollar sale.  Cecile recognized the market gap and built the business from concept to completion, including original brand direction.

She created business credibility and market alignment, oversaw Sales & Marketing, raised the profile of the Healthcare Connections offering, and provided on going strategic input.

Prior to this position, Cecile was employed as a Sales & Marketing Director at Unilabs, the UK’s leading laboratory.  During her time at Unilabs Cecile was responsible for the UK sales team and the re-launch of the Harley Street screening program which positioned the company to be sold in 1995 for in excess of $30 million.

Amongst her achievements she was invited to speak at the London Chamber of Commerce and has been a mentor to young entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom.