Our Philosophy:  Our goal is to connect you to your authentic self, release your passions and provide you with a safe space to experience true Soul Evolution.  For women in transition, whether it be within the context of relationships, career or creativity and living your authentic life, there has been a quantum shift in perceptions and attitudes.  People are thirsty for clarity and mindfulness - the "what and how life should be."  We embrace the idea of living with abandon, honoring our inner non-conformist and remembering who we really are! 

Small Group Setting:  Our workshop communities for women are deliberately kept small, offering a safe environment to develop, reach innate potential, and share with like-minded people focused on enhancing personal fulfillment.  Held in our own Soul Inspired location in the heart of La Jolla, 7918 Ivanhoe Avenue. We will guide you through the process to ensure that you have the tools to get the absolute best out of your life.  You'll get all the benefits of a personal session, within a small group setting.   And - confidentiality is paramount.  What's said there, stays there.

Workshops:  With our Soul Encounters ™ Workshop series, our clients have an opportunity to "get off the ride" and leave everything at the door for an hour and a half every week.  Our practice is crafted to enable our clients to go beyond beyond their own personal "Here and Now."  We deliver the promise that if you want to make something happen and have the experience of connecting to your higher, most essential self , we will get you there!

Why You? Soul Wise Coaching recognizes that much of the joy in life lies just outside the scope of our peripheral vision. Life lived in the mainstream provides security - but life in the margins is where we often feel called and most alive. Why YOU? We believe it's because you have reached a point where you are intuiting the deep sense of fulfillment, purpose and vitality that you long for is clearly within your grasp, if you could just learn to recognize its appearance in your day-to-day life. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle encouraging nudge from a soul wise group of well-traveled women to open our eyes to what lies beyond the fray of our ordinary, yet spectacular lives. After a single Soul Wise coaching session, you will already feel a deep sense of support, connection and camaraderie. The collective energy heralding our personal transformation is palpable. You will be assured that within our decidedly safe environment, your imagination is free to soar and that there is no scenario too vast for our us, we've probably been there! One of the most potent antidotes to fear of change is camaraderie and acceptance. When we are no longer burdened with our seeming isolation or self-judgement, we flourish and awaken to the endless creative possibilities that each challenge or change can enliven within us. Creating an emotional safety net is what we do. Encouraging and cheerleading is who we are. There is such profound joy in the transformational process and we are honored to bear witness to soul-making. Our Soul Encounters ™ are open to those who wish to broaden their vision. We believe Soul Wise Coaching is just what you've been looking for! YOU will experience the benefit of knowing that you are opening to an ethereal wisdom that is at once profound and accessible. You will feel wonder and delight as your life opens and prospers in ways you could only have imagined. Be determined to be dazzled by YOU.



Each group session includes mentor-experts Cecile and Kirsten, course materials, lunch, networking and a soul-inspired gift!  Held midday on Wednesdays at our beautiful, intimate and relaxing space in La Jolla.  Join us for an uplifting gathering of like-minded women.


SPACE IS LIMITED.  $125 per workshop, or $400 for all four in the series.

For our Soul Encounters ™ Workshops, we'll be gathering at Soul Wise's own location. There, you'll have an experience; much like being in the comfort of your own home, while surrounded by good friends.  Safe.  That's the feeling you get when you join us for tea, lunch and our Soul Encounters ™ Workshops.  It's a restorative and indescribably accepting, welcoming space.  Return Home, with us!